Sacred Path Card Reading

IMAG0962-1 (1)Kathleen offers Sacred Path Card readings, an extraordinary tool with its Native American teachings for transformation. Jamie Sams, Native American medicine teacher, developed these beautiful cards that offer profound wisdom and guidance for any situation. Each card has a message and application that engages the client in introspection and self-discovery.

During Kathleen’s transformation over twenty years ago, she bought these cards, hoping to receive some guidance regarding her challenging situation. Faced with three major life-changing decisions, she pulled a card for each one. Within five minutes, she pulled the “Shaman’s Death” card as the solution to each question. Its message was that it was the end of the cycle for her situation as well as her old identity. Within a short time period, she consciously removed her ‘shadow,’ made changes in her life, and re-invented herself. From that day forward, she realized that these cards spoke to her soul and has, since then, used these cards to help many others with their difficult decisions.

Kathleen uses the Red Road/Blue Road spread in which she channels Spirit. It is a powerful spread as the ancestors of the client are invited in to bring their wisdom forth. Both she and the client receive intuitive messages for guidance during this nine card spread.

Click here to see the layout of this spread.

Sacred Path Card readings can be done by Skype, phone, or in person.

Cost: $95 that includes coaching dialogue between the client and Kathleen regarding the specific situation.


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